US Tower Corporation

US Tower Corporation

US Army Chinook lifting a US Tower RMTU480MDPLGO overseas


Manufacturer of the World's Finest Fixed and Mobile Telescoping Towers, Shelters, Communications and Wireless Solar Powered Video Surveillance Systems.


US Tower Corporation has been engineering and manufacturing tower systems for nearly twenty years. Our product line includes telescoping tubular standard, self supporting, and rotating towers, a variety of lattice style towers, mobile tower units (MTUs), ruggedized all-weather/terrain units, vehicle mounted masts, tactical shelters, and a full line of accessories to accomodate antennas, radar, cabling, surveillance equipment, and more.


US Tower opens new facility


US Tower Alabama has opened a new facility in Huntsville, strategically located within close proximity of Redstone Arsenal. The new facility is 22,000 square feet (10,000 square feet of office space and 12,000 square feet of high-bay) and will feature systems integration and tower surveillance.


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MA-Series Windloading ratings based on IBC 2006 (TIA/EIA-222-F) at 76mph and 90mph 3-second gusts:

• MA-40 : 3.0 sq. ft.
• MA-550: 1.4 sq. ft.
• MA-770: 1.0 sq. ft. at 85mph


TMM-Series Windloading ratings based on IBC 2006 (TIA/EIA-222-F) at 76mph and 90mph 3-second gusts:

• TMM-433SS: 20.7 sq. ft.
• TMM-433HD: 31.8 sq. ft.
• TMM-541SS: 18.8 sq. ft.

TX-Series Windloading ratings based on IBC 2006 (TIA/EIA-222-F) at 76mph and 90mph 3-second gusts:

• TX-483: 9.3 sq. ft.
• TX-455: 7.4 sq. ft.
• TX-472: 6.1 sq. ft.
• TX-489: 12.0 sq. ft.


HDX-Series Windloading ratings based on IBC 2006 (TIA/EIA-222-F) at 76mph and 90mph 3-second gusts:

• HDX-538: 26.6 sq. ft.
• HDX-555: 23.4 sq. ft.
• HDX-572: 14.1 sq. ft.
• HDX-589: 9.2 sq. ft.
• HDX-5106: 1.0 sq. ft. at 90mph


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US Tower Corporation is one of four companies under common ownership operated as a single enterprise to benefit customers. Known by the shorthand trade name of "UST", this enterprise also includes US Towers (Lincoln, KS), US Tower Alabama (Huntsville, AL) and Wireless Eye (Woodlake, CA).


US Tower Corporation was originally formed from the purchase of Tristao Tower in 1985, which invented and developed the telescoping tower nearly 85 years ago.


In 2003, US Tower expanded through internal growth to establish a Kansas location, closer to our central and east coast customers. US Towers Corporation in Lincoln, Kansas was officially formed in 2006.


That same year we incorporated Wireless Eye, Inc. to provide a portfolio of surveillance options to customers. Wireless Eye meets virtually any surveillance/assessment security requirements. We offer a comprehensive line of distributed, unmanned and autonomous security solutions, all designed and manufactured for high quality and reliability. Wireless Eye can seamlessly integrate with existing security systems or develop a completely new security solution that meets the needs of our customers growing business. Check out the Wireless-Eye website here:


The newest addition to the UST family, US Tower Alabama, was formed in 2011 to give some of our military customers greater focus.


Our engineering design team has continued to improve and develop new and innovative tower systems, which have been built and utilized worldwide, in all climates and environmental conditions. Engineering and manufacturing superior tower systems for nearly 25 years, our product line has expanded and evolved to meet ever changing user requirements and development of the technology of the twenty first century.


Our current product line includes telescoping tubular masts, self-supporting and telescoping lattice towers (standard and custom), mobile tower units, custom-built structures as well as a full line of accessories to accommodate antenna and feed line support.

Our stationary towers include our telescoping tubular towers with a variety of options: standard, self-supporting and rotating. Our line of lattice style self-supporting towers (they also telescope for added convenience and ease of maintenance) come in a variety of styles to fit any need, including our compact TMM series, our standard TX series and the heavy duty HDX series.


Our Mobile Tower Units (MTUs) or COWS (Cell on Wheels) are our crowning achievement; we have led the way with groundbreaking innovations! By combining the strength and versatility of our steel telescoping towers with the freedom and portability of a trailer we have helped to usher in the cellular and wireless age. These units can provide communication in the worst possible terrain and have been used to help our troops stay safe on foreign soil.

Our newest addition, the polygon tower, will be a revolution in the broadcast industry -- watch for it.


Of course, we also manufacture a full line of accessories for all of our products.


Throughout the years, UST has emphasized the highest product quality and responsive customer support by investing in excellent new equipment, facilities and - most of all - people. Our support staff offers technical assistance and support to all of our valued customers, no sale is ever final!